Mowing and Sweeping with Avant

Tasks connected with the maintenance of lawns and grounds, particularly mowing and sweeping, can be carried out quickly and reliably with the Avant multi-functional charger

The sickle mower is available in various sizes, has a range of applications and is well-suited to the mowing of uneven surfaces. For the cutting of high grass, undergrowth and branches with a thickness of up to 20mm, the flail mulcher would be better suited. This is also available with a side lifting arm.

The Avant sweeping machine is excellently-suited to the take up of swept matter. It distinguishes itself through the small amount of dust it produces, is available in a range of sizes and there is the option to equip it with an intake or water vessel with a spray system.

Or do you need the ideal attachment for the laying of lawn surfaces and working on old lawns or stony ground? With our reverse cutter you are perfectly equipped for this challenge. 

Our competent contact partners are happy to provide you with further information about the Avant multi-functional charger and its various areas of application.